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To observe and audit in-store behaviors, we recruit and refer mystery shopping opportunities to highly qualified Independent Contractors. Our Field Coordinating team is your direct contact for all your questions and referral concerns.

******* ATTENTION SCAM ALERT *******

  • There is a scam currently circulating listing the name, logo, address, and staff of customer experience companies and is attempting to collect personal information.
  • The fraud appears to have originated on LinkedIn. The fraudulent email appears to come from Samuel Peterson, Richard Fallon, PhD or Brant Wilson, PhD.
  • DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL INFO.  If you receive an unsolicited check or money order in the mail for a substantial amount of money -- DO NOT CASH/DEPOSIT ANY CHECKS/MONEY ORDERS/CASHIERS CHECKS, MAKE NO PURCHASES AND HAVE NO FURTHER COMMUNICATION with these scammers.  The check/money order will bounce resulting in fees to your personal account. 
  • Retain a copy of these emails and forward them to the FTC at  CONTACT YOUR LAW ENFORCEMENT.



How to become a shopper


When you apply with North Fork to be a mystery shopper, you are required to review and accept an Independent Contractor agreement. This agreement specifies the terms of the relationship between shoppers and North Fork and is always available for your review on your shopper profile.


It's free to sign up!

As an Independent Contractor you make your own schedule!

Accept only the locations/visits you want to complete through our scheduling system!

Get paid to shop in some of your favorite retail stores!

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The information mystery shoppers collects provides our partners with a 360° view of the customer experience.  

We have thousands of Independent Contractors in our shopper database and our Field Coordinating team is always recruiting new shoppers.

If you are looking to outsource your shops please contact us.


Who We Are

To observe and audit in-store behaviors, we recruit and arrange for highly qualified Independent Contractors to conduct mystery shopping evaluations. Our Field Coordinating team is your direct contact for all your questions and referral concerns. 


Contact Us

If you are a shopper and have questions or concerns, please contact one of our Field Coordinators directly by clicking here.

If you are a Market Research, Merchandising or Auditing Company and are:

  • Looking for a full service Recruiting and Referral company.
  • Considering a partner or affiliate opportunity

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